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About Us


Celeste van Lingen is the founder and designer of the INCdecor brand and essentially developed this concept out of frustration.

When trying to match up fabric with wallpaper and paint colours, back in 2004, for her eldest son’s nursery, she found the process very tricky and time consuming.

This is where here idea for an incorporated decor range was born, but it only materialized years later.

Celeste has always been fascinated by color and pattern and finds that inspiration is constantly around us, especially in nature.


Colour is really deceptive, for instance, a beige can have warm or cool undertones and can tend toward green, pink or grey. Paint colors also change according the light in a space and the time of day.

INCdecor was officially launched in 2013 after spending years researching and developing printing and colour ideas.

In other words, INCdecor is an “all in one” room design solution, like a decor equivalent of “net-a-porter”.

We have professionally curated decor elements of fabric, wallpaper and paint into different colour palettes which are tonally paired.

By providing our ready to decorate ranges, we enable designers to save on time and cost when matching up these elements.


All of our fabrics and wallpapers are exclusively designed by us and locally manufactured and include contemporary geometrics, florals, classic stripes and animal prints.

Our paint colours are specially mixed to our specifications to coordinate with our fabrics and wallpapers and generally each color palette consists of a light, mid and dark paint shade in order to create depth.

All our paints are lead free, low odor, have low VOC levels, and are approved by the Green Building Council.


Celeste was formally trained in Architecture and spent many years on commercial, retail and residential sites, but was always drawn to interior architecture and eventually followed her passion.

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